21 Feb


The world is going mobile – don’t stay behind

Do you know that feeling when you’re not in front of your computer, but you need to find something online quickly – you thank God for your smart phone. It has everything you need in the palm of your hand. You start browsing on your phone, looking up what you need online. And then the frustration kicks in – even if it is a website that you use every day on your computer, if it is not optimized for mobile devices, opening it up on a smart phone and finding what you need can take ages. Up to the point when you give up – and simply try googling a new site that will give you what you want faster, on time and in a way that you can easily read and interact with on your mobile phone. Read More…


13 Feb


SiteGround goes SPAM FREE

When I say SPAM, you will most probably think of the annoying unwanted emails INCOMING to your own Inbox, and this is definitely one of the SPAM aspects we have been fighting for a long time and which I am proud we have already minimized very successfully. However, in this post I would like to address another aspect – the OUTGOING SPAM: how it affects you and what is the newest solution we have applied to it.

Since I started dealing with hosting (and probably many years before that), outgoing SPAM has been one of the most troublesome aspects for a hosting company. It might sound strange to you, but the spammers are causing hosting companies (and you, our customers) a lot of troubles, headaches and even migraines. How? I will explain in details below. Read More…


10 Feb


Meet Megan Valentine: “In SiteGround things get fixed in 10 minutes instead of taking 5 phone calls over 3 days!”

Megan ValentineMegan is one of the people we often see mentioning SiteGround in Twitter. That is how she got this “word of mouth hero” t-shirt :) She is a professional web designer with substantial experience with Joomla and we thank her for all the good feelings she has shared. Read More…


8 Feb


[UPDATED: Winners announced] WordPress and Joomla conferences in February – free tickets!

It’s time to announce our lucky winners who are going to attend for free the conferences we’re sponsoring this month. We received great response and I’m really happy to know that there are many active Joomla and WordPress users among our customers willing to learn all-new Joomla & WordPress developments and acquire knowledge and insights on how to get the most of their websites. Without any further ado, here are our winners:

WordCamp Miami – 17-18 Feb 2012
Andrew Perez
Cindy Goodman

WordCamp Phoenix – 24-26 Feb 2012
Michael Davis
Tom Stokes

Joomla!Day Guatemala – 29 Feb – 3 Mar 2012
Luis Aguilar
Mario Torres
Elder Gutierrez
David Fuentes

We hope they all have a great time at the events. We have their promise to get some recaps and pictures of all events so stay tuned!

The initiative we started last December with sponsoring some WordCamps will continue and we plan to sponsor and attend multiple events related with the most popular applications among our customers throughout the whole 2012. The first couple of conferences we are supporting are right behind the corner and we are eager to give away a few free tickets to anyone, who is interested in attending them as part of our sponsorship.

Here are three events we are sponsoring in February:

WordCamp Miami – 17-18 Feb 2012

WordCamp Phoenix – 24-26 Feb 2012

Joomla!Day Guatemala – 29 Feb – 3 Mar 2012

Read More…


3 Feb


Meet Teifion Jordan: “I’ve stuck with SiteGround for half a decade because it works.”

SalehIt is my pleasure to present now Teifion Jordan from UK who has created and maintained for nearly 7 years an interesting play by post game, called World of Arl and is now interested in a completely different and surprising area. Keep reading to find out which it is. Read More…

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